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Physical Therapy Roswell, GA
Performance Physical Therapy for Active Lifestyles

We believe your body is resilient and capable of healing with the right plan.

You are not broken, and you deserve more.

Here's How It Works


Find the Root Cause of your Pain.

Your Doctor will spend 60 minutes assessing you to determine the underlying reasons why you're in pain and what should be done about it.


Solve Your Pain

Together we'll come up with a game plan that will focus on getting you stronger, more mobile and pain-free.  We'll help you stay active and improve your workouts while taking care of your problem areas.


Provide a Longterm Solution

Build strength and resilience so you can stay active for a lifetime.  We'll show you how to keep improving so that you can live life on your terms without fear of pain.

What Other People Are Saying About Southeast Physical Therapy

The Kinds Of People We Help

Powerlifting Physical Therapy Roswell, GA

POWERLIFTERS us because we help them stay under the bar without pain

Running Physical Therapy Roswell, GA

RUNNERS us because we identify why they're hurting and help them keep running

Weightlifting Physical Therapy Roswell, GA

WEIGHT LIFTERS us because we help them keep progressing in their training without pain

Esports Gamer Physical Therapy Roswell, GA

eATHLETES us because we understand the demands of esports and keep them gaming

CrossFit Physical Therapy Roswell, GA

CROSSFIT ATHLETES us because we help them moving and improving without pain

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Southeast Physical Therapy

Roswell Office
48 King St. - Suite A
Roswell, GA 30075

East Cobb Office
3000 Johnson Ferry Rd.
Marietta, GA 30062

P 678-640-4606
F 770-818-5606

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