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Physical Therapy Roswell, GA

What To Expect!

So you're ready to schedule your first appointment with us.  Great!  We can't wait to see you and get you back to moving your best!

To limit the chance of surprises, here is what to expect your very first time coming into the office.

We recommend either wearing activewear or an ensemble you would be comfortable stretching and moving around in.  Closed toed shoes are preferred.

Health Physical Therapy Roswell, GA

Direct Pay or Insurance Based:  What does this mean for me?

We are an Out-of-Network clinic, meaning that we do not have any direct contracts with the big insurance corporations. All of our doctors make decisions based on what is best for the patient rather than being limited to what an insurance company says that they can or cannot bill for. We are committed to providing the highest possible care for each individual patient. 

Insurance companies begin providing coverage once your deductible has been paid. Physical therapy visits typically cost between $140-$400 even after paying a copay which is commonly around $35. Healthy individuals that rarely use the medical system or their health insurance plan will find that cash based physical therapy often saves them money and gets them a much higher quality of service. Eliminating the insurance company can save money and give power back to the patient by allowing them to decide when they are healthy enough to stop physical therapy.

Insurance companies often view many performance-based services as “not medically necessary” and therefore will not provide coverage. Many of these “not necessary” services are crucial to getting athletes back to the level of performance that is required for their sport. These services bridge the gap between healthcare and long-lasting health and fitness by addressing the issues beyond getting patients back to the minimum baseline for physical therapy discharge where their insurance company deems them "good enough".

Traditional physical therapy clinics have appointment slots that average around 30 minutes and the 1-on-1 time with your doctor during that visit is typically less than a third of that time. Insurance companies have lowered the rate that they reimburse PT services every year for the last 8 years (now 9 starting in 2022). In order to combat this lowering of reimbursement, insurance-based companies have had to take on a huge number of patient volume to the point where they are attempting to see 3+ patients at the same time. When you spread your healthcare providers that thin, nobody wins.

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