Barbell Athletes
Olympic Weightlifting to CrossFit

Athletes want to be able to sling themselves and large amounts of weight through the air with ease and without pain.  With the spectrum of athletes ranging from beginners to veterans and everywhere in between, varying degrees of strength, control and body awareness are encountered.  Working towards a developed blend of these three categories will be the best recipe for lifting longevity and remaining injury free.


Considerations for the Strength Athlete

Strength & Mobility

Mobility has become the keyword of the last several years and while many have heard that term, most do not know what it means.  Many coaches and athletes alike are under the impression that simply strapping a large Monster Band around a "tight" joint is the cure all for any movement dysfunction.


Mobility is the Yin to Strength & Body Control's Yang.  Typically, athletes are not literally tight but rather they exhibit poor range of motion because they lack the strength and control to work through a functional range of motion.  

1.  Injury Mitigation: Mobility and Strength are not mutually exclusive.  Being only extremely mobile is equally as dysfunctional as being only extremely strong.

2.  Accessory Work:  Do it.  As you mobilize stiff and compensated tissues you must teach your brain how to utilize new tissue length and joint positions safely.

3.  Mobility Work:  DO IT.  Being a big, strong, stiff piece of beef jerky will only get you so far and ultimately lead to an injury that will derail your training.  You can be a big, strong monster but also move well.


Whether you're a beginner or veteran strength athlete - continuously refining your strength, control and body awareness will result in an overall reduction in potential for injury.

Our focus is to provide simple and easy to implement guidelines to help you to extend your lifting career for is long as possible.

If you are currently in pain, unsure if you are missing any range of motion or simply want to refine your body mechanics please allow us to be your resource.