Your Gaming Career

The truth behind a long and productive gaming career is prioritizing a healthy lifestyle.  And while this lifestyle is easy to ignore during our gaming binges, that sensation of knocking rust off of stiff, achey joints and muscles can be prevented.

While very realistic there are a few things you have to understand first. 

Prioritize Movement, Set Up and Posture First

Motion is lotion and as gamers, our posture and the highly technical movements of the fingers, wrists and elbows dictate the quality of our gaming health.  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Strength Coach, movement is essential:

1.  Injury Mitigation: Improper or compensated movements can lead to pain & discomfort

2.  Exercise: Specific, targeted strengthening of muscles, tendons and joints to permit greater overall control of our bodies

3.  Posture:  Posture is subtle movement that allows us to better control our bodies during stationary positions (sitting, standing, etc.)

If you’ve been on the internet in the last decade, you’ve probably heard many times the benefits of improved posture and strength, but most gamers don’t know where to start.   I want to help you better understand the movement basics and how to go about utilizing a treatment plan so that it works for you.  

Gamer Poor Posture.jpg

Whether you're a casual or professional gamer - your PHYSICAL HEALTH should be one of the last things that prevents you from gaming.

Our focus is to provide simple and easy to implement guidelines to help you to extend your gaming career.  The truth is that you can improve your quality of your life while simutaneously improving the quality of your gaming.

If you are currently in pain or want to work on your reaction time, coordination or improve your physical fitness & coordination we are here to help.