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Physical Therapy Roswell, GA

Who We Are

Learn about Southeast Physical Therapy, our mission, tenets and vision.


Mission, Vision & Tenets


To create positive change in the community by providing a standard of care that breaks the mold by getting people out of pain, assisting them in taking control of their health and getting them back to doing the things they love.

Southeast Physical Therapy strives to educate and empower our community to lead more fulfilling lives.  We want to redefine personalized healthcare and set the industry standard for Physical Therapy by helping people achieve personal health & exercise goals previously thought impossible. 

Stretching Physical Therapy Roswell, GA
Physical Therapy Roswell, GA

Our Mission:

Our Vision:

Our Tenets:  Strength, Freedom & Movement

Our belief is that by restoring and maintaining good Strength & Movement habits over the course of life, the result is markedly improved physical AND mental health.  Physical Freedom comes when we can get all of these interdependent pieces to mesh well.  

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