From the Couch to the 5K to the Ultra

As a runner, you've probably heard that aches and pains come with the territory of subjecting yourself to the demands of the sport.  Steps can be taken to limit and, in some cases, prevent these interruptions in your training and racing.

Considerations for the Endurance Athlete

Prioritize Your Form First

Running and walking are two of the cheapest and easiest ways to get exercise.  Beyond a comfortable pair of shoes and appropriate clothing, you do not need any additional equipment to participate.  Unfortunately, because of the demands of most of our lives, we tend to spend most of our time sitting while working, resting and experiencing life.  This sitting, compounded over weeks, months and years, leads to chronic limitations within soft tissue, joints and movement patterns.

1.  Injury Mitigation: Poor form or compensated movements compounded over any amount of mileage can lead to pain, discomfort & injuries.

2.  Resistance Training:  Baseline strength to support the body while jogging/running is often missing in both new and veteran runners.

3.  Down Regulation:  Most runners are very good at ramping their systems up from 0 to 100 mph when train, however, slowing the system back down is often neglected.

Whether you're brand new to running or have logged thousands of miles - you can continuously refine how your body moves while producing and absorbing forces.  This is the best method of keeping you injury free.

Our focus is to provide simple and easy to implement guidelines to help you extend your running career by improving the quality of your miles.

If you are currently in pain, unsure if you are missing any range of motion or simply want to refine your body mechanics please allow us to be your resource.