The Novice & Veteran

As you subject your body and related tissues to incredible loads the likelihood of major and minor body tweaks and injuries increases.  While sometimes considered inevitable, these micro and macrotraumas can be mitigated and sometimes avoided altogether.  The often missing piece is regular maintenance on the areas getting used and abused.

Considerations for the Powerlifter

Prioritize Movement Competence First

Prior to great feats of strength, learn how to move properly first.  Your body is extremely adaptable up to a point.  It can overcome poor lifting positions/mechanics while still expressing huge amounts of strength.  However, these poor and compensated positions will ultimately lead to long term plateaus or even worse, injuries.


1.  Injury Mitigation: Improper or compensated movements can lead to pain & discomfort.

2.  Accessory Work:  Do it.  It can be tedious but it's very important.  These movements and exercises allow you to break down the compound lifts and reinforce the smaller component pieces.

3.  Mobility Work:  DO IT.  It does not matter how big and strong you are.  If you're missing hip internal rotation, shoulder extension, shoulder internal rotation, hip extension, etc. but still lifting and competing you are not moving well through a full range of motion resulting in compensations elsewhere.


Whether you're a brand new lifter or have been competing for years - learning and continuously refining how your body moves will be the best method of keeping you injury free.

Our focus is to provide simple and easy to implement guidelines to help you to extend your lifting career and increase your total.  

If you are currently in pain, unsure if you are missing any range of motion or simply want to refine your body mechanics please allow us to be your resource.