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Dry needling is a manual therapy technique where a monofilament needle is inserted into a "myofascial trigger point" within a muscle.  Defined "as hyperirritable spots within a taut band of contractured skeletal muscle fibers that produce local and/or referred pain when stimulated." 


Translated, a "trigger point" is a knot in a muscle.  Typically very tender to the touch, they can create local or diffuse aches and soreness.  The needle triggers an involuntary but brief muscle twitch/spasm which results in a "deactivation" of the knot.  Imagine being able to provide a very focal stretch to a tight muscle; dry needling accomplishes this.  This is a treatment I have been providing to clients throughout the State of Georgia since 2014 to great effect. 


Often I'm asked if it hurts to have performed.  I must admit that I, personally, think it's more intense than painful.  However, I've had many clients who have had poor dry needling experiences with other providers admit that my style of needling is very effective and painless. 


Please call the office if you have any questions regarding dry needling.

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