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Southeast Physical Therapy

I'm often asked by friends and clients why I would want to venture off to create and grow my own Physical Therapy company when there are plenty of well established clinics all over the state. There are a lot of reasons but most of them come back to one overarching value. TIME. Too many clinics currently exist where little to no time is spent with the patient. Evaluations and treatments are short, corners are cut, exercises are chosen over hands on treatment and symptoms rather than sources become the target of treatment.

I wanted to create a treatment experience where the client’s time is valued again. Where their time can be spent with a clinician who will listen to them, provide a thorough evaluation which analyzes and appreciates the important nuances of movement and strength while ultimately developing and providing a plan of care which would result in resolution of pain and a reduced chance of future Orthopedic injury.

The time spent with a client is intended to disseminate information, educate the patient and provide the most comprehensive care available. Southeast Physical Therapy strives to be the model of excellence and is working to redefine the public’s opinion on the role of the Physical Therapist in the quickly changing healthcare landscape.

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