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Stop Wasting Your Time & Money on Shoddy Treatments

Updated: Jan 17

I’m often asked why I chose to work out-of-network and not just simply dive into taking insurance like everyone else.

I've done that.

I've argued and battled with insurance companies to give their clients/my patients more visits, only to be denied after the patient has been seen 4-6 times...been told that a client "is not improving fast enough, so we're going to discharge them" by insurers...had clients have surgery and then be denied visits by their insurance company because the insurance company "does not feel that Physical Therapy after surgery is medically necessary."

The list goes on.

Physical Therapists have a skill set and a level of knowledge that literally saves millions of dollars in unnecessary surgery, injections, drug prescriptions, imaging, etc. every year. We can take clients with all sorts of ailments (i.e. chronic low back pain, compressed nerves, total joint replacements, fractures) and get them back to their previous lives or return them in better shape than they were prior to their injury.

**Interesting statistic time!**

When comparing the diagnostic accuracy between Physical Therapists, Orthopedic Surgeons and Non-Orthopedic Providers (Primary Care Physicians, LNP, PA, etc.), the surgeons barely edge out Physical Therapists by a measly 6.3% (80.8% vs. 74.5%) and we don't have access to all the imaging equipment!

The Non-Ortho Providers? 35.4% accuracy

Unfortunately, the general public views their copay (whatever it may be) as the standard value of what an hour of Physical Therapy is worth.

Co-pays can vary heavily ranging anywhere from $6 (Starbucks) to $150+ per visit.

For perspective, a CPA in Atlanta can earn $150/hour filing your taxes.

We're talking fixing. your. body.