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Deadlifts as a means of treating low back pain?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

For years, an argument has taken place between coaches, trainers and healthcare providers alike. Some argue that the deadlift is purely the opposite motion of a squat; similar to how a biceps curl is the opposite of a triceps extension or a leg extension is the opposite of a hamstring curl.


The deadlift and the squat are two totally different animals.

And while both require appropriate levels of spinal rigidity, hip mobility and recruitment of ALL the muscles;

the physiologic patterning and body control demands differ.

Both movements are excellent methods of total body strengthening but often the deadlift gets a bad reputation as a means for injuring your back rather than being a tool for managing and resolving back pain. This poor reputation tends to stem from the medical community’s advice of “avoid any heavy lifting” when a patient is experiencing low back pain.