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Cheaper isn't better: Your choosing out of network Physical Therapy is a wiser long term decision

So, you have pain in the front of your shoulder and you’ve been dealing with it for a few weeks/months.

You’ve been to the Physical Therapist, Doctor, Orthopedist, chiropractor or massage therapist and all have hit you with a diagnosis of “biceps tendonitis”, “impingement”, “subacromial bursitis”, etc. or some combination thereof.

All are fair diagnoses that can occur in the shoulder. But really all you got was a fancy title slapped on your shoulder pain. Your shoulder still hurts but now you know what to call the pain.

You still don’t know the WHY?

Or maybe you don't like healthcare providers (nothing wrong with that) and skipped all of those steps and went to a local stretching company for that shoulder pain.

You inform them of your shoulder pain and need for treatment and you're on your way to pain free living! But you didn’t receive an evaluation or formal assessment. Did you fill out anything regarding your past medical history? Your surgical history, if any? Any questions about old injuries to the area in question?

You didn’t even get a fancy name to call your pain, for crying out loud!

Simply put you’re asked where you hurt, you point at a body part or parts and they get to work. A corporate office-dictated, cookie cutter treatment plan for each part of the body.

Complaint: Pain in the front of the shoulder

Solution: Punish the tissue on the front of your shoulder.

Complaint: Low back pain

Solution: They stretch the crap out of your hamstrings and dig into your