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Running Shoes
Running Analysis

A running analysis provided by a coach or trainer can usually reveal some useful information.  Most running shoe stores provide an analysis when determining an appropriate shoe, Big Peach Running Co. does a fantastic job of this.  These are all very appropriate resources when nothing hurts, however, when a hip, knee, foot, etc. hurts while running; the Physical Therapist is going to become your best resource.  We look at things through a different set of lenses in regards to form and function; this allows us to address seemingly hidden issues.

Your running analysis includes:

  • Establishing current training variables, running history and your current symptoms.

  • A complete physical assessment from the nose to the toes.

  • Video analysis - Treadmill Running.

  • Manual treatments to necessary areas.

  • An initial plan to get you back on track to extending your runs and performing pain free.

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