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Neuromusculoskeletal Physical

Has your focus been on things outside of exercise, flexibility and wellness for a while?  Are you returning to working out or starting to work out for the very first time? Come in and address problems that are flying below the radar!

Whether you're new to exercise or a veteran who has taken some time off, if you're unsure whether your body is ready to withstand the stresses of exercising, come by for a NMS Physical.  Go to your medical doctor for your annual physical; come to us for your annual neuromusculoskeletal physical.  

Your NMS Physical includes:

  • A complete physical assessment of the spine, arms, legs, muscles & joints including strength, flexibility, range of motion, quality of motion, balance, posture and functional mobility unique to whatever activity you'll be participating in.

  • A thorough plan to work on problem areas, get you moving well and decrease overall chance of injury.

The NMS Physical is administered by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is not intended to be a substitute for the following:


  • Adult Annual Physical

  • Pre-Operative Physical

  • Sports Pre-Participation Exam

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