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Treatment Style & Philosophy

Creating Self-Reliant Clients Through Long-Term Solutions

Healthcare is often viewed as a passive skill set and providers are often perceived as the gate keepers to better health through medication, surgery and other treatments done TO the patient.  My approach is very different in that while we work together over the course of your treatment, I will give you the knowledge and strategies to optimize your recovery and not need to rely on me as the gate keeper to your improved health.

One-on-One Care

In 2018, 33% of Medical Doctors spent 17-24 minutes per patient per visit.  The average Physical Therapist juggles 3-5 patients every hour.  In either scenario, time is only permitted to treat the diagnosis on paper not the person standing before you.  My approach is to treat EVERY client for at least 60 minutes, one-on-one.  This allows me the ability to get to know my patients and take the time to listen to their needs and goals.  Taking the time to provide one-on-one care enables faster recoveries, better outcomes and fewer overall visits.  

Hands-On Orthopedic Care & Manual Therapy

The Physical Therapist is the medical expert who is actually able to spend the most time with their clients.  This allows me to perform a more thorough musculoskeletal assessment, ask specific questions and delve deeper into the source(s) of your symptoms.  Pain and movement dysfunction is not always the result of physical tissue damage, it can sometimes be caused by restrictions and inhibited tissues that can't be resolved by simply resting, taking medication or getting an injection.  My extensive manual therapy training allows me to get below the symptoms at the surface and to the root of your problem.  

Client Education

Overall treatment revolves around more than just the fancy prescribed exercises and what treatment is done in the office.  A large amount of time is spent educating a client on strategies for picking the best sleep position, recognizing patterns/positions that may be increasing symptoms and making realistic changes to lifestyle habits.  Whether you're a runner, CrossFit Athlete, Weightlifter, etc. strategies are taught to methodically scale your workouts so that tissue has time to recover while enabling you to still do the things you love.  All aspects of life, not just body maintenance, must be well taken care of to set the stage for optimal health.

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